Grow - Groom - Great

Chris has spent the last 3 years spreading the concept of "The 180 Effect" with this book. The 1st edition was published November 25th 2016 after only taking a week to write/type it. The 2nd edition was published April 20th 2018 after seeing the potential of the book becoming an internationally known book and brand.

The concept derives from the 3 years Chris spent going from homeless to business owner at age 23. 2013 was the year he had to experience tons of growing pains getting into the sales industry. 2014 was a year he had to groom his skills of being a small business owner and manager of a sales organization. And 2015 was the year he stepped into my greatness breaking sales records, recruiting records, and reaching a level of clarity in life he never had before.

PROCESS – he noticed after a few years in sales, entrepreneurship, and just living life that many people don't embrace the process. They want to skip their growing pains, putting in the hours grooming their skills, and just jump to being great. The book shows there's no way to cheat the process.

CYCLE – He also noticed that a phenomenal thing occurs when someone makes a decision to grow while they're in their greatness phase. They step right back into the growing phase with this new made decision; starting the process over and making it an infinite continuous cycle.

MINDSET – at the age of 29 the only thing to accredit all of his success to is his mindset. It doesn't matter what endeavor, business, or project he takes on he will succeed because because of the the foundation he has of The 180 Effect concept. And on top of that; he’s equipped with the skills, tools, and resourcefulness to get anything done!

He took the paperback version off of Amazon to take control of the book sales and to truly scale the reach of it. So by getting a copy of the book; you're not just getting a best selling book that will change your life; you're helping pave the way for the future of this brand, Chris’s businesses, and the people he aims to impact.


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Launches 6/6/2020

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