Chris is the Founder of Health Is Wealth Nation, Growth Addicts Army, & Be Brilliant Inc. He’s an athlete, author - entrepreneur, and artist from Mobile, Al that's addicted to growth and creating generational wealth.

At the age of 22, he went from homeless to business owner then became a District Manager at the age of 23. Since then he‘s had success in multiple industries. He built a 6 figure sales organization as a District Manager in 18 months while recruiting a sales force of 150 reps. He takes pride in being the #HealthIsWealthGuy. He‘s grown Health Is Wealth Nation to generating 6 figures a year with reaching the $200k mark in 2019. He’s reached much success with The 180 Effect becoming a 2X best selling book. And his team has launched an apparel line with HIWN to take over the athleisure/active brand space!

He’s been featured in VoyageATL Magazine. Interviewed on multiple podcasts from the Mobile Al Business Podcast to the IMPACT Agent Podcast. And giants in the entrepreneur/small business space like Sania Khiljee. He’s been interviewed by the owner of a national championship sales organization. He’s even been featured on podcasts from London & Germany. And his thoughts/quotes have been featured in the “Surge Of Possibilities”; a self-help book by Sydney, Australia author Michelle Lee.

Ever since he was 18 he realized he had a gift to elevate people in life. With his knowledge/experience in mental performance, business development, and corporate wellness; he takes pride in being the most authentic, transparent, and successful Peak Performance Coach in the industry!


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Health Is Wealth Nation

Health Is Wealth Nation

Health Is Wealth Nation

"Change the state of health in the south by the end of 2030."


Growth Addicts Army

Health Is Wealth Nation

Health Is Wealth Nation

"Where burning desires are inspired through peak performance coaching."


Be Brilliant Inc

Health Is Wealth Nation

Be Brilliant Inc

"Instilling the mantra 'Be Brilliant' in today's creators, artists, & musicians."



"Wake The Health Up" Podcast

 A gritty podcast full of inspiration to help you improve your emotional fitness, mental strength, mental health and overall health/wellness. 


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 Kickfin exists because cash has become a nightmare for operators - and becomes more burdensome as credit card payments grow. A lot of restaurants still tip out in cash at the close of the night to remain competitive not just in the hospitality space - but also to remain competitive with gig economy daily pay jobs (e.g. Uber, PostMates).

Kickfin has developed the only solution in the market today, as featured in Forbes and PYMNTS, that will pay tips out in real-time directly into an employees' own bank account 24x7x365 in under one second. 


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